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Magnum MSRP $30 (2 bottles worth)


2017 Yolo County Chardonnay

Well-balanced and bright. Weighty, buttery mouthfeel. Fine honeysuckle notes. These vines in Yolo County reach into gently rolling topography. Porous, free-draining soils impart a clean smooth finish. It sells under the producers’
brand for $24/bottle.

Appellation: YOLO County, California

ALC: 13.6% by Vol.

Availability: 9L and 1.5L Magnum (2 Bottles Worth)


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We make great wine more accessible.  Our wines come from great regions and classify as premium to super premium wines.


We remove bottles from wine, which dramatically reduces glass waste and recycling-furnace emissions.

We cut packing costs and shipping costs in half. The producers of our wines often sell it under their label for twice or thrice the price.

We source sustainably grown grapes from special natural environments.  They're often brushed with dew.  Unique varietal details are on each box.

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