Growth Matters!

February 16, 2021

Share the Love event was good.

Nothing crazy, just drank some great wine and talked about fun wine stuff, answered questions... One of our members had a cat supervising the whole process, so everything went according to plan.

Club Growth & People are Stoked!

Remember when we used to specialize in wine for events? Haha, ya... Well now online is whirring, we’re up to over 30 club members! Members have sent some fun lifestyle photos our way, like this one:

Oh, little sipsky for the lifty huh?


Namaste and Rose Podcast!  

I sat down with Sarah and Talle at the Namaste and Rose Podcast to talk about all things wine and yoga. They’re super funny, find it here! Talle is a Corner Piece Club member with us and Sarah made a fun Yoonit Wine Yoga Routine!  

Oh and here’s that canning video people wanted to see! Favorite part is definitely all the clicking and whirring (sound up!), but also the nitrogen blanket laid on top of the wines to protect that fine flava from oxidation!

If we’re doing it right (daft punk melody), great wine is just that fine little thing in the background that brings people together.

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