Great Wine
on your time.

No bottle means:

No breakage or spoilage concerns.
Bringable. Sharable.
Hugely reduced recycling, waste and pollution.

make time for life

  • Great wine fits famously with friends, fam, food, tunes and otherwise.
  • Here, location and  portioning are up to you and yours.
  • 5 bottle equivalents every quarter (1.67 bottles worth/mo) @ $30/bottle pricing.
Over 6,000 bottle equivalents sold!
Two cans of Yoonit wine

Sample Flight

Two glasses of Yoonit wine.


Prices above include shipping. Choose the Wine Flight Trial at signup.

Those who sample are placed into the Corner Piece Club. Cancel any time, no charge:

Our tasting Guarantee

Cancel any time, no charge. If you've found wine you love, look forward to your first official wine release.
Club members are sent their wines on these release dates:
Feb 1
May 12
Sep 20
Dec 12

   Accessible Fine Wines
from Treasured Regions

Each heart piece represents its style of wine.
An assortment of these pieces is included in every club release.
Quantities of each specific product are quite limited.

Red Wines Piece

2019 Clarksburg Pinot Noir

Black cherries arouse medium-light tannins. Sip slow, so smooth. Can set a mood.

White Wines Piece

2019 Chiles Valley Sauvignon Blanc.

Perfectly balanced light white fruit. Delicate and refreshing. Clear as a looking glass.

Blends Piece

Coming Soon

Rosés Piece

Sold Out & Coming Soon

Bright, radiant in color. Dry but fine fruit is obvious
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What our Customers
are saying

Planet Bluegrass strives to provide unforgettable experiences. When it comes to wine, we appreciate Yoonit’s innovative approach. Its delicious wines served in a simple and waste free manner make it our choice for all of our festivals.
- Steve Szymanski, Co-Founder of  @planet.bluegrass
- @chadgoesdeep
ahh... that's delightful.
I can tell ya, these wines are fantastic.
-Larry Herz,former restauranteur,
host of Denver’s Our Community Now
I’d drink the shit out of this!
-John D.
Club Member